Want to learn how to properly apply your makeup?

Just Eyes $45

  • Learn the proper techniques and what brushes to use to apply eye shadow
  • Find the color of shadow that best complements your eye color
  • Learn how to perfect that eyeliner

Just Face $45

  • Find the right color for your skin tone
  • Learn how to highlight and contour
  • Learn the proper techniques of applying bronzer and blush

Full face $80

  • Here we will go through the full face makeup application starting with the eyes, finding the right color of shadows for your eye color to properly applying bronzer and blush


Have a ton of makeup and not sure how to use it? Bring in your makeup bag and lets play!

Makeup Bag Makeover $80

  • Learn how to apply the makeup you already have

  • Get rid of old makeup that you no longer use but still keep

  • Customize your makeup bag to what you need